Abhay Chaudhary

Like most parents, my father wanted me to become a doctor. However, I was never motivated to become one. Born and brought up in rural Nepal, I spent my childhood fishing and swimming in the ponds. I completed high school from Kathmandu and pursued further education in Hotel Management in India. I returned back to Nepal with a vision to open a resort in my village. I came back to huge rates of suicide in my village arising out of financial difficulties. Disheartened and saddened with this situation of my village, my ambition to open a resort became more definite. With this in mind, I opened a resort named “A-Cube Aquatic Resort '', in my own property, targeted to provide employment opportunities to the people so that they can overcome financial difficulties and promote local tourism of Tilotamma Municipality. Currently I have 13 people working with me. My resort was earlier known for boating but recently I have expanded to floating rooms and I also opened a restaurant. The concept and design of the floating room is solely mine and with the help of expert engineers, it has become successful. At present, there is only one floating room, which has captivated guests from Bhairawa, Butwal and Kathmandu but I am planning to construct 10 floating rooms and also build hanging rooms in the near future to attract more local tourists to my village. I have come this far and I want to set an example to young people in Nepal. I am trying to change the mindsets of the local people that working opportunities can be created anywhere if there is enough will. Daayitwa supports rural growth-oriented entrepreneurs to accelerate their innovations and incubate other entrepreneurs in their local communities through its Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP). This year, Outstanding 20 entrepreneurs have been identified from Tilottama. Abhay Chaudhary is one such inspiring entrepreneur.

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