Min Bahadur Ale

The old Nepali maxim “कि पढेर जानिन्छ, कि परेर” has become relevant in my life. I have never prioritized education. However, later with experiences and struggles in life; which provided me with first hand insights, I learned entirely. It is to my best belief that you learn more from experience than through erudition. Born and brought up in Palpa as the youngest child of the family, I was always pampered. Nobody forced me to study yet I somehow managed to complete 10th standard. I passed time loitering around the village with my friends. But slowly, my mother’s health started to worsen and it was a difficult time in our family. My father and brother worked hard to meet all the expenses but it was not enough. I decided to earn to support my family. With this in mind, I went to Dubai and worked in an oil production company. I disliked the way foreigners mistreated laborers like me by paying less wages and felt homesick too. After working for 2 years, I returned back. I started to search for jobs in Palpa. Moreover, I was willing to go anywhere in Nepal to work. I waited for weeks and months but didn’t get any good signs. Unable to grab opportunities here, I went to Saudi Arabia. My initial days were miserable, I was sleepless reminiscing home and was stagnant for 9 days because the person who promised me a job didn’t contact me. Stranger to the city and culture, whenever I met Nepalis, I felt extremely delighted. Feeling betrayed and hopeless insearch of job, I finally got a salesman position in an optical store. Before starting the job, I had to appear for a driving test. The test was conducted either in Hindi or English. I prepared well for the test and got all the questions right. I perceived my life would have been different if I had studied during my school days. Today if I see youngsters dawdling, I motivate them to study by giving my example. My job was easy; comfortable working hours with not much of a rush. During leisure time, I surfed the internet; watching videos and listening to songs. While doing so, my mind shifted towards goat farming. I began to watch videos about goat farming. Gradually, I became passionate about starting a goat farming business in Nepal. Realizing and feeling determined, I left Saudi Arabia. Utilizing my savings and loan from the bank with total investment of Rs.20 lakh, I commenced my goat farm. I have “Boer” species goat in my farm which are imported from Africa. Since importing goats is costly, I have started to breed goats to expand the number. In the next 20 years I want to sell my goats. Last year, I received a grant from Province- 4 Government of Rs. 4 lakh from which I repaired goat pen and also purchased additional goat for my farm. I felt happy and encouraged how our Government has initiated to acknowledge young entrepreneurs like us by giving us financial support for our business. I want to set an example to young people, to see opportunities in Nepal and work here, together. For the last 4 years, Daayitwa supports rural growth-oriented entrepreneurs to accelerate their innovations and incubate other entrepreneurs in their local communities through its Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP). This year also we have selected 20 entrepreneurs from Palpa district, among which Min Bahadur Ale is one of them.

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