Pabitra Gaire

"बन्दुक भिरेर लड्न तयार छौं" With this philosophy, I left all the comforts of home to join the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) with an aim to establish a People’s Republic and end the monarchical rule. I served in the PLA for 7 long years. In hindsight, it gave me an opportunity to stand on an equal footing as men. Moreover, this made me realize that the role of women is not limited to a domestic periphery and women can easily explore new areas and mobilize masses of individuals in a way that men are traditionally known to. Displaced, tortured, extorted, and intimidated, I survived it all as a combatant. Determined to pursue my dream to start a business of my own, I voluntarily retired from the PLA in 2009. Utilizing the funds I received after retirement, I took a small agricultural loan and leased 15 ropani land to start a cow farm. I now use 10 ropani for my cow farm and remaining 5 ropani for vegetable farming, which I started recently. Burdened with debt on my shoulders, it was initially difficult for me to sustain my business but it has picked up a pace. Every day I sell around 90 litres of milk to a local dairy but I want to supply 200 litres milk per day in the near future. The primary challenge I am facing is that I have insufficient milk yield from my cattle especially because complete mechanisation is not possible at the moment given the limited resources. As of now, I am trying to network with other individuals who run similar businesses in order to collectively solve some problems that we face. I am determined to make my district self sufficient in dairy products and I will continue to work hard towards that goal. Daayitwa supports rural growth-oriented entrepreneurs to accelerate their innovations and incubate other entrepreneurs in their local communities through its Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP). This year we have selected Outstanding 20 Entrepreneurs from Palpa. Pabitra Gaire is one such entrepreneur.

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