Vision and Mission


At Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP) we aspire to nurture community-based entrepreneurship, district by district in order to foster systemic positive change and materialize the potential for economic growth and development.

Nepal has an immense potential for economic growth and development. However, it faces a severe social, economic and political imbroglio. In fact, as 1500 youth leave Nepal each day for opportunities abroad, the cultural fabric of villages and towns across Nepal are breaking down rapidly. Most youths take big loans to secure labor opportunities in the Middle-East, suffer through work atrocities in foreign lands and return with little savings. All the while, their families are alone, remittances are unproductively used, lands are barren, businesses are dwindling, and communities are losing hope.

At the same time, youths are a majority in Nepal and their collective talent, energy and passion can be a huge resource for the nation. Innovating and collaborating are part of their DNA and can be channeled towards the tremendous business opportunities in agriculture, IT and tourism sectors in Nepal. Moreover, local communities are eager to promote youth entrepreneurs who create new businesses, generate new jobs, and foster positive change in the societies.

REAP‘s mission is to nurture a movement of community-based entrepreneurs who accelerate their enterprises and foster innovative communities. REAP‘s goals are to:

 1. Build capacity of high growth entrepreneurs with innovative ideas

 2. Nurture entrepreneurial spirit in local communities

 3.  Foster a strong network of innovative communities across Nepal



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As an organization striving to create change, we are constantly looking for solutions to Nepal’s most pressing problems through our main goal of innovation, collaboration and service through our programs on, Governance Initiative, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and civil engagement. To do that, we rely mostly on individual donations and private charity. Help us make a difference.