Daayitwa Public Policy Fellowship 2021

This year, the rising domestic youth unemployment and volatility of foreign labour markets, as highlighted by COVID-19, has put Nepal’s economic development at risk. The discontinuation of economic activities as a result of the lockdown to spread the pandemic, as well as reverse migration of workers is further exacerbating the unemployment crisis. Through the Public Policy Fellowship Program, Daayitwa promotes inclusive civic-engagement, evidence-based policy making, and youth-government collaboration.

The program has traversed through an eight-year-long collaborative journey of bringing together youths and the Nepal government to conduct economic policy research and promote evidence-based policy decisions. During the past eight fellowship cycles (2013-2020), the fellowship program has supported 120 policy entrepreneurs from 30 countries to collaborate with 40 ministries and public agencies, and 24 parliamentarians to conduct research projects. This year, we are partnering with 5 public partners and placing young professionals and students within government agencies to provide research support on policies related to access to investment, women’s economic empowerment, enterprise value chain, youth employment, and economic governance. 

We are delighted to announce that Daayitwa Nepal Public Policy Fellowship 2021 will place 6 Fellows, selected from a record 107 applicants trained in 8 countries, in 5 government organizations to provide policy research support and advocate for evidence based policy making for 6 months. Our public partners this year include the National Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, and Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens. The 6 Fellows will also receive research mentorship from 6 Nepali specialists (PhDs) and undertake a multi-module course on leadership, public administration, and research offered by 4 national and international experts (PhDs).

Meet our Daayitwa Nepal Public Policy 2021 Fellows:

  • Sneha Agrawal: With a postgraduate degree in M.A.Development Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Sneha Agrawal is placed in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development to conduct research on Investigating the Motivations and Challenges of Migrant Returnee Entrepreneurs in Nepal.
  • Satish Bajracharya: Satish Bajracharya is a recent M.A. Economics graduate from Sacred Heart College, Mahatma Gandhi University in Kerala. Placed in the Ministry of Finance, Satish will conduct research on the Mapping Policy Landscape of Microenterprise Development in Nepal.
  • Tashi Gurung: Tashi Gurung is a PhD candidate in Environmental Social Science at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University. Placed in the National Planning Commission, Tashi will conduct research on Assessing Economic Recovery of Nepal from COVID-19.
  • Anugya Kunwar: Anugya Kunwar will graduate with a B.A in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and a minor in Gender Studies from Asian University of Women, Bangladesh in July 2021. Placed in the Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens, Anugya will conduct research on Improving Access to Innovation and Growth Opportunities for Women Enterprises.
  • Liza Paudel: Liza Paudel is a recent Masters in Public Affairs (MPA) graduate from the School of Policy and International Affairs at Princeton University, with a specialization in international development and technology policy. Placed in the Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens, Analyzing the Gaps in International and National Laws, Acts and Policies on Gender-Based Violence and Women’s Economic Empowerment in Nepal.
  • Rupesh Tha: Rupesh Tha is a graduate of MSc. Development Economics from University of Goettingen, Germany. Placed in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies, Rupesh will conduct research on Identifying the Trade Deficit Reduction Strategies for Fresh Vegetables in Nepal

MoALD 2021

Terms of Reference MoALD (Migrant Returnee Entrepreneurs in Nepal)

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MoF 2021

Terms of Reference MoF (Microenterprise Development)

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MoICS T1 2021

Terms of Reference MoICS (Causes of Microenterprise Failure in Nepal)

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MoICS T2 2021

Terms of Reference MoICS (Trade Deficit Reduction Strategies)

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MoWCSC 2021

Terms of Reference MoWCSC (International and National Laws and Women's Economic Empowerment)

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NPC 2021

Terms of Reference NPC (Economic Recovery of Nepal from COVID-19)

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