Call For Action: Dignity of Labour Campaign

A smooth integration of youths in labour market is often indicated to play a critical role in the social and economic development of the country. However, lower-income countries including Nepal face an overwhelming challenge to fulfil the demands of labour market to provide employment opportunities to working age group or youth population who continue to dominate the demographic structure.

For instance, 69.1 per cent of job seekers were between the age of 15-34 years out of which 38.1 per cent belonged to the age category of 15-24 years. A youth in the case of Nepal is an individual who falls in the age bracket of 15-40 years of age. Past studies conducted in Nepal highlight the disproportionate relationship between youth and labour market in Nepal leading to exodus of youths in the GCC and Malaysia.

Just five years after the 2015 earthquake, the already sluggish growth rate of Nepali is further compounded by the outbreak of the COVID-19. Hence, the country’s precarious domestic labour market runs the risk of failing to provide sustainable job opportunities much more now than ever so. Although Nepal has signed various ILO conventions and introduced laws including plans and policies in regard to providing decent work conditions, hours and wages including creation of employment opportunities for the youth population, however, there has not been adequate dialogue and discussion on another important facet i.e. dignity of labour that drives the labour market in Nepal.

Our findings from research carried out in Province 2 and 5 show that youth perceptions on the domestic labour industry is divided around binaries of good and bad, small and big, respectful and disrespectful. Additionally, there were significant mindset challenges such as deeply rooted social norms and prejudices that normally prevented youths from taking up jobs that were socially/culturally of lesser importance.

Hence, it can be safely assumed that providing jobs alone do not necessarily ensure the dignity of labour for youths. Therefore, the Dignity of Labour Campaign intends to work with 10 campaigners  who together with Daayitwa team will develop and launch innovative campaigns to promote dignity of labour by linking it to the works that they do on an everyday basis while deconstructing prevalent prejudices against certain work professions.

About Daayitwa 
The Dignity of Labour Campaign will be carried out by Daayitwa, through Yuwa Aaja! Campaign, that has been bolstering trust and interdependence between the government and the youth to tackle domestic youth unemployment issues together.  As part of the DFID-funded Skills for Employment Programme (SEP), this project supports the technical assistance provided by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Objectives of the campaign

● Create dialogue and a platform for wider discussion on dignity of labour among youths through discussions, social media and other innovative ways in keeping up with COVID-19 situation.

● Promote youths’ meaningful and gainful engagement by deconstructing problems in the existing domestic labour market.

● Reframe messages to promote the involvement of youths in national employment programs (e.g. PMEP). 

● Explore and promote innovative ways to tackle rigid social norms/structural barriers in the existing domestic labour market.

Campaign output

● 10 dignity of labor selected campaigners will be provided with an online leadership course by the Nepal Leadership Academy, which will guide the design of the campaign. 

● The campaigners will develop and launch innovative campaigns to promote dignity of labour.

● Opportunities to network, engage, promote and advocate their work/products with a larger network of entrepreneurs and relevant government stakeholders/Ministries and different sections of audiences.

● Campaigns should be innovative, locally relevant, effective and to the point. Messages that speak to social and economic impacts of COVID-19 can be explored. 


Be a part of Dignity of Labour Campaign


In order to be part of the campaign, please write to us at or call us at +977 98 23 24 28 25. Send us a brief introduction (not exceeding 2 pages) about your work/organization and what it does and how and why you would want to be part of the Dignity of Labour Campaign.






1. Online call for entrepreneurs

30 April, 2020

2. Online interview/ selection of entrepreneurs

7 May 2020

3. Online Orientation and Dissemination of
Dignity of Labour Research

10 May 2020

4. Online Leadership training 

Mid May TBC

5. Launch Campaign

May- June 2020


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