Prelude: Beginning a Journey as Daayitwa Public Policy Fellow


Many of us have seen the difficulties and shortcomings of society. And, we know that the emotions of a person are stirred more quickly than a person’s intelligence. I think my journey also starts like such. My grandfather used to tell me, "Being a human, the true essence of life is in altruism, and only simple creatures aim to survive… there is more than surviving". But I used to question myself, is helping the needy is the permanent solution? But the proper aim is to try and reconstruct society on such a basis that difficulties in human life will be impossible.

Further, a question adds up, "How are you going to do that?", and the answer also reverberates within me- "aim to be a person who will be able to CHANGE people's lives". The word "change" is a simple term but the practical execution of this word is certainly difficult, many have tried and many have failed. And, I've full confidence in myself that I am the person for the change, either be small or big, or I may succeed or fail. "I must try".

This commitment towards the progressive change brings me here, at Daayitwa. The journey has begun and Daayitwa has allowed me to be a part of the change. The COVID-19 pandemic in the current situation has put the whole world into crisis, and Nepal is no exception to it. Importantly the economic sector, health, education, trade, business, investments and many more are affected. The whole enterprise cycle has been dragged to halt. Also, the situation has given us a chance to move into the "new normal" shortly. In this situation, I'm assigned as an Enterprise Value Chain Fellow, to study the role of a middle-person in the enterprise value chain. Thus, I have felt responsible more than ever and have marked this opportunity as a prime in my life to bring certain changes in society and ease people's life. Moreover, Daayitwa has placed me with other amazing and energetic youths whose pledge for change is more than mine and have given me a ray of hope towards a better future for our country and people.

So analyzing the perfectly imperfect situations of the past, and embracing the changes, I have started the journey with Daayitwa and other fellows. More than finding the opportunity, the objective of the fellowship has been self-development. I have hoped that I would build more courage and confidence within myself so that I will be able to commit myself more into the service of the people in the near future. I have set out the assumptions that "nature does not give a man a virtue, the process of becoming a good man is an art". So, I have taken Daayitwa Public Policy Fellowship as the process for myself to be a good and able person for my commitment towards human, society, and state's progress.

I'm certain that I'll face challenges that will question the magnitude, relevance, and importance of my work. I'm uncertain about the authority, significance, and productivity of the work. There is always a doubt about how effective my research work will be and will they regard my work as valuable? But putting aside all the doubts and challenges, I'm determined to move forward with the Daayitwa fellowship team, research supervisor, and research mentors, who will guide me towards the path of certainty in the three months. I'm sure that the challenges would not reveal our weaknesses instead it would help us discover our inner strengths.

For An Enterprising Nepal