En route to equal world for all

AMBIKA THAPA PACHYA, Daayitwa-Worldlink  Fellow 2022

Peeling the onion of marginalization reveals gender at its intersection. From patrilocality and patrilineality to portraying sons as the ultimate savior of old days, we have created an environment where the non-male gender stand as  second class citizens (this doesn’t limit to females alone). I often found myself being defined differently from the cohort of females not because I have a different orientation but because I often took my decisions myself at work and my family allowed me to stay away from the routine kitchen chores to continue my professional growth. Should I feel privileged, different or should it be normalized? I leave the question for you to think over, if I was a male would it be defined as privileged, different or normal?

We often get to read headlines in the making, “Women yet to benefit from women-friendly policies”. They say there are clear guidelines, however a few get the advantage. The inequities not only lie between male and female but also within females and finding the marginal of the marginalized will make more sense while designing interventions. The interventions to increase access to resources, ownership of the capital and non-capital assets, and economic independence of the woman helps liberate her to become better off than the fellow women who do not have it. At the micro-level equity would look like a woman having a role in meaningful decision making for major decisions both in personal and professional spheres. This change in micro level can have a ripple effect to bring the meso- and macro-level changes and put a meaningful proportion of women in decision making at organizational and national level. 

With these worldly and personal experiences, I have taken the opportunity as a Public Policy Fellow for year 2022 at Daayitwa Nepal as a platform to connect my thoughts to the policy makers for reinforcing the development and implementation of the “Women Friendly Policy Initiatives”. The fellowship program I believe will equip me with the potential competencies required to articulate my ideas, convince people and negotiate with the stakeholders for uptake of evidence generated through a well designed research. My belief got strengthened when I took sessions from coach Dr. Pukar Malla. Let me take you to one of his classes. 

Have you heard a man introducing himself with words like,

 “ I am a bold, strong, independent man”?

Have you ever listened to the introduction of a woman and compared it with the fellow man? I did not think the gender issue starts right away with introduction until I attended sessions from the coach Dr Malla.  

He added during the session, “May we build a society where neither a woman nor a man need to say -I am bold, I am strong, I am independent- when s/he introduces her/himself.”

And I can envision that the learning from fellowship, closely working with the Honorable Parliamentarians, being guided by the mentors and trainers, and support of the team along with the scholars of the cohort of the fellowship will help me unwind the path towards my goal.

I do not claim myself to be radical feminist but ‘Yes’ I am on a journey to advocate an equal world for all.




For An Enterprising Nepal