Rupesh Tha

Rupesh Tha has completed a Master in Development Economics from University of Goettingen, Germany, and is currently involved as a researcher at Resources Himalaya Foundation (RHF). He has also provided his knowledge and research techniques at Institute of Foreign Affairs Nepal (IFA) as a former researcher. He was involved in the scientific team during the COVID-19 pandemic to publish three journals related to the impact of COVID-19 on educational institutions and the SDGs. The COVID-19 Pandemic not only puts challenges but also opens opportunities for Sustainable Transformation 2021, which is his latest publication. Following the belief that knowledge should be spread, he has also taught statistical analysis and research methodology in the Master in International Cooperation and Development (MICD) degree at Mid Western University in 2019/20. He also works as a Freelancer (Data Analyst) and provides training on SPSS to NGOs/INGOs. He has conducted SPSS training for the Youth employment project (YEP) team members at Swisscontact in 2019.

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