REAP Outstanding 10 Entrepreneurs 2019- Tansen

The Outstanding 10 Entrepreneurs were selected from the previously selected Outstanding 20 Entrepreneurs on the basis of combined score from SMS voting and Jury Score, 60% from SMS Votes and 40% from Jury scores. Out of the 10 selected entrepreneurs, two are from the Tourism sector while the rest are from the Agriculture sector. The Outstanding 10 Announcement event was held on November 10, 2019 at Hotel Crown, Tansen in the presence of the Mayor, Mr. Ashok Kumar Shahi as the Chief Guest and Ward No. 6 Chairperson, Mr. Sagar Man Maharjan. The Chief Guest handed over the appreciation certificates to the Outstanding 10 Entrepreneurs and encouraged them to become exemplary entrepreneurs for Tansen.

The names of the Outstanding 10 Entrepreneurs of Tansen that are selected along with their business types are listed below:

Madhumaya Basyal Homestay
Min Bahadur Ale Goat Farming
Meghnath Bhandari Homestay
Khem Raj Neupane Integrated Farming and Bee Farming
Devi Bahadur Rana Cow Farming
Nirmal Rana Vegetable Farming
Manisara Thapa Integrated Farming
Pabitra Gaire Integarted Farming
Ramesh Pangeni Vegetable Farming
Suma Banjade Fisheries and Cow Farming


Business Literacy Training for Outstanding 10 Entrepreneurs:

The REAP team conducted a two-day Business Literacy course for the Outstanding 10 Entrepreneurs on November 10 and 11, 2019 which was conducted before certificate distribution at Hotel Crown. The course was aimed to support the entrepreneurs to create their business strategy and business plan while also preparing them for the next round of selection under the Daayitwa Enterprise Challenge. This interactive training covered topics such as Business Planning, Business Cycle and Business Environment through the medium of interactive games. The training also included sessions on Accounting and Profit-Loss Analysis.


Financial Literacy Training for Outstanding 10 Entrepreneurs:

A one-day Financial Literacy course was conducted for the Outstanding 10 Entrepreneurs on November 26, 2019 in collaboration with Siddhartha Bank Limited. Other entrepreneurs, invited by Siddhartha Bank, were also among the attendees of the course. The course was delivered by the representatives of the bank. The training was aimed to familiarize the entrepreneurs with the banks and other financial institutions, and their importance for the businesses. This training covered topics such as bank loan process, account opening process and documents required. The course also included a session on the benefits of formal registration of business.

Udhyam Chautari (उधम चौतारी):

Udhyam Chautari, one of the activities based on which the Outstanding 10 entrepreneurs are evaluated, was held at the end of November 2019 in Tansen and Tilottama. Each Outstanding 10 entrepreneurs had to organize a crowd separately where they had to talk about their enterprise and their motivation to establish it. They were also required to explain the challenges they faced while establishing and operating their business and how they overcame them. The goal of the activity was to bring awareness about rural entrepreneurship and inspire the local people, especially the youths, to be self-employed.

The Outstanding 10 were evaluated based on the number of people that they were able to gather for Udhyam Chautari and additional points were given to the entrepreneurs if more than 30% of attendees were youths.

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