Business Incubation Services for Innovation

The COVID - 19 pandemic has adversely affected women's economic empowerment, with decreasing opportunities and access to decent employment. To solve this crisis, Mott Macdonald, Daayitwa and One To Watch with funding from UKAID have launched the Business Incubation Services for Innovation as a part of Purnima: the UK Support to Post Earthquake Recovery in Nepal intending to enhance the capacity of rural women enterprises to embrace innovation, increase investment and expand market reach. 

By introducing innovative technologies and business models that are resilient to external shock factors such as the COVID-19 crisis to enhance female SMEs in Nepal, the program aims to enable sustainable growth and value creation, not just for the enterprises but also for the communities. Furthermore, focusing on delivering contextualized solutions to the challenges of women enterprises, this program will contribute to unleashing the economic growth of rural Nepal through leveraging the female human capital in the country.

In this DFID funded project, Daayitwa, One to Watch, Mott MacDonald, and District Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCIs) chapters will be the consortium lead, the consortium partner, the funding and facilitating partner, and district technical support partner respectively. 


The project aims to provide incubation services to 30 high growth potential female SMEs in Nuwakot, Dhading, and Gorkha districts. Out of these 30 SMEs, the project aims to enable at least 15 SMEs to secure funds and scale up their enterprises through business innovation and expanding market linkages.

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