Top 10 Entrepreneurs

 Bina Pradhan Bina Pradhan, Pradhan Dibya Ayurvedic Jadibuti Udhyog Pvt. Ltd Bina is a resident of Majuwa-01 in Ramechhap district. She owns ‘Pradhan Dibya Ayurvedic Jadibuti Udhyog’ that has been producing and supplying aryurvedic medicines in her village. In addition to earn good profit, she also aims to contribute in environment conservation through her enterprise. In coming days, she aims to own her own factory building, install modern machinery in her factory, and establish improved market chain for her factory products.
 DSC_0180 Bhanu Bhakta Shrestha Bhanubhakta Shrestha, Chirnjibi Dudh Sankalan tatha Bikri Kendra After working as a pharmacist in Kathmandu for 15 years, Bhanubhakta returned to his village to accomplish his dream of making his village self-sustainable in dairy. He started a ‘Milk Collection Center’ in Manthali-02 that collects fresh milk from local farmer. In addition to selling milk in the local market, he produces and sells different dairy products like cheese, butter, curd, lassi, and ice-cream. The biggest advantage of his enterprise he says is the increasing demand for fresh and healthy dairy products. His expansion plans include, installing milk processing machine that can produce up to 25 liters of milk and reaching out to broader market than the one he is serving currently.
 Dinesh Kumar Karki Dinesh Raj Karki, Alaichi(Cardamom) Kheti, Bampti Dinesh Raj Karki had resigned from his old job at a private company and got actively involved in the agricultural sector. At his farm, Mr. Karki produces and distributes tea, cardamom and vegetables. The innovative idea of his firm is the way he has run his firm by keeping in mind both local and international tourists. He also runs a nursery at his farm. In the future he wants to encourage young people to take up cardamom farming and to expand cardamom farming in large areas. For this he plans on hiring more workers, and to increase his market outreach.
 Harimaya Moktan DSC_0384 Hari Maya Moktan, Falful Bagaicha Nursery Byawasaya Hari Maya started her career in horticulture couple years back by commencing her own nursery. Her nursery, as of now, has been selling different fruit saplings in her village. In coming days, she aims to expand her nursery and provide employment opportunities for many youths in her village.
 Hiralal Shrestha Hiralal Shrestha, Hisum Jadibuti Udhyog Hiralal Shrestha owns a factory that has been mobilizing ayurvedic herbs found in his region. He wants to set an example in his village that one can make good money by capitalizing on the locally available resources and to encourage youths to do something in one’s home land.
 Rangtang Tamang Rangdan Tamang, Shelung Agriculture Production Pvt. Ltd. Daduwa, Dadaktero Rangdam Tamang through is enterprise has been producing Kiwi fruits, off-season vegetable, tea, and organic vegetable and fruits. He also produces spices like cardamom, ground apple, oranges and lemon. He uses traditional tools, and technology that are available in the Nepali market. Before starting his venture, Mr. Tamang worked as a driver. In order to expand his business, he has a three year plan wherein he plans to produce and sell 1000 seeds, produce parent plants, and to increase the profit of his fruit and animal product business by two times.
 Sabitra Ghimire Sabitra Ghimire, Bahumukhi Krishi tatha Pashu Farm Sabitra owns a vegetable and animal farm in Manthali, Ramechhap that supplies fresh vegetables and milk in her village. She started the farm with a vision to provide quality service and to become economically self dependent. What sets her enterprise apart from others in her village is the modern cowshed and the use of organic manure to grow organic vegetables in her farm. In coming days, she aims to increase the number of cows in her farm and to expand the tunnel size in her vegetable farm.
 Santosh Shrestha Santosh Shrestha, Modern Steel and Aluminum Furniture Industry. Manthali- 2, Naya Khadbari Tole Santosh Shrestha has been operating his Modern Steel and Aluminium Furniture Industry from Manthali. At his workshop he makes steel cupboards, aluminium window frames, doors and steel railings. He had opened his venture in order to be financially sustainable and to provide for the demand for steel and aluminium furniture. Mr. Shrestha hopes to expand and manage his business in the future for which he has planned to open a new branch at Ramecchap Bazaar located in the old headquarter of Ramecchap. Mr. Shrestha believes that his business of steel and aluminium product would to some extent help in lowering the rate of afforestation.
 Shyam Kumar Thapa Magar DSC_0185 Shyam Kumar Thapa Magar, Bhimeshwor Fruits and Nursery Udhyog
Bhimeshwor Falful tatha Nursery Udhyog, Doramba
After retiring from the Nepal army, Shyam Kumar Thapa Magar decided to work in the local level. He started ‘Doramba Bhimeshwor Falful tatha nursery Udhyog’. His main aim for starting the firm was to bring progressive changes to traditional farming practices, to promote cash crops and to make Doramba and its neighboring areas a hub for fruits and cash crop production. He has been growing Kiwi, avocado, walnut, lapsi, Katus, Peach, and Haluwabed. Mr. Magar till date has been successful in producing and marketing Kiwi fruit in Nepal which is the innovative streak of his business. He plans to establish a fruit cooperative in order to expand and manage his business further.
 Yuvraj Shrestha Yuvraj Shrestha, Bihani Vegetable Farm, Birta, Ramecchap. Yuvraj Shrestha gave up his teaching job to venture into the agri-business market. He started his venture with the aim to make the local market capable of both producing and selling off season vegetable. At present his farm contributes to 25 percent of the vegetable in the main Manthali bazaar of Ramechhap. In order to increase the productivity of his farm, Mr. Shrestha plans to expand his farm with 80 ropani of lands with proper irrigation facilities as well as water and air facility. He also plans on buying a vehicle to transport his vegetables to the market.