Top 5 DWEC, Palpa 2016-17

Bishnu Karki


To become self-dependent financially, Bishnu Larki (Thapa) started  her Incense (Agarbatti) business. Since her business was different from the rest of her community, Bishnu at first faced many challenges. But as time passed on, she got used to the product development. Since the market is flexible, she could take considerable profit from it. She also provides training to other women on the villages in order to make them self dependent.

Daayitwa_WREAP_Devi Malla

Devi Malla


 Devi Malla has been engaged in the production of seasonal and off-seasonal vegetables in Pipal Gaidau, Palpa. Since she was a homemaker, she had some free time which she wanted to utilize for productive activity. In order to do that, she started engaging in vegetable farming. Currently, she is cultivating the vegetable in 3 ropani land but wants to increase the production in 8 ropani of land

Daayitwa_WREAP_Goma Bhandari

Goma Bhandari


Seeing a huge demand for lemon in her district, Goma started commercially farming lemon three years ago. She also wanted to create employment opportunity in her village. Goma has been using modern and scientific agricultural tools in her farm to produce lemons. With an investment of Rs. 110000, she now aims to expand her business that can create additional employment opportunity to people in her village.

Mankumari Gaire


Man Kumari Gaire, an independent entrepreneur has been inspiring many other women in her village to become an entrepreneur. She started her business, ‘Gaire Krishak Sahara Kendra’ two years ago with a capital investment of Rs. 50000.  Her venture provides veterinary service as well as animal husbandry training. In coming days, with further capital investment she aims to open a pharmacy which is going to make ease access for medicine to the all the villagers.

daayitwa_wreap_pawisara-rajailiPawisara Rajali


 Pawisara Rajali owns a Dhaka firm named “ Sangharsa Dhaka Udhyog” that produces beautiful and fine Dhaka cloth. She has been working in this field for the past 18 years. Her products have found a niche in the local and regional market. Through her enterprise, Pawisara wants to encourage and promote the use of local products all over the country. She also plans on providing training for dhaka product to empower other women like her to become economically independent.