Innovation challenge

Daayitwa Enterprise Challenge 2014

Daayitwa Enterprise Challenge 2014 was conducted in Palpa District in collaboration with our local partner NGO Innovation Action Palpa (IAP). The focus sector for this challenge was on agriculture, tourism, and IT. A team of 11 local community leaders visited all 65 VDCs of Palpa in 3 weeks period during the month of May to find applicant entrepreneurs for the challenge. 112 applications were received from 35 VDCs. Most of the applications were from agricultural enterprises and some were related to tourism and hospitality. During the first phase of the challenge, out of 112 applications, 20 were prescreened based on the evaluation of their written application. Out of those 20 prescreened entrepreneurs 10 were shortlisted (6 via SMS voting, 2 via Facebook voting and 2 via joint evaluation by Daayitwa and IAP). In the process, more than 20000 SMS votes were received from the district and more than 4000 votes were received from facebook from more than 40 countries. In the final round, a jury panel selected the top 5 winning entrepreneurs by conducting field visits of the 10 enterprises. The jury comprised leaders and experts like Krishna Gyawali, Secretary Ministry of Industry; Dr. Pukar Malla, Senior Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School; Dr. Mahabir Pun, Founder Nepal Wireless; Rukmani Maharjan, Microfinance Head, NMB Bank; Anand Bagaria, Managing Director, Nimbus; and Binod Shrestha, Professor of entrepreneurship at KUSOM.

Learn more about Daayitwa Enterprise Challenge 2014 here.


 Community Innovation Lab

Community Innovation lab collaborated with Rural Innovation Lab(RIL) in Palpa to organize the Palpa Design Summit. The Palpa Design Summit, hosted in Tansen, is an intense, hands-on design experience that brings together engineers and community members to design low-cost, high-performance technologies that help solve local enterprise related challenges. Inspired by MIT D-Lab’s International Development Design Summit and based on the principles of co-creation and cross-disciplinary collaboration, the Summit helps to improve existing business  plans (through low-cost technology solutions) for myriad local enterprises.

The Summit operates out of RIL’s Rural Technology Lab in Palpa. Liaising closely with National Innovation Center, a registered organization in Nepal led by Mahabir Pun, RIL is now active in two districts in Nepal – Lamjung and Palpa. Five groups comprising of two engineers and one local entrepreneur formed the inaugural Design Summit. In particular, the Design Summit focused on finding technology related solutions to the following five challenges, identified by local entrepreneurs in Palpa.

1) Using solar technology to regulate fish pond temperature for a small fishing resort owned by a Qatar-returnee in Tansen.

2) Identifying usable low-cost technology to generate value for excess cow-dung generated at local agri-farms.

3) Low cost technology to mechanize healthier (and more hygienic) gundruk production processes.

4) Low-cost technology for pear jam production.

5) Low-cost land driller that can dig up to 0.5m deep (and 5 inches wide) to be used in agri-farms. (the existing solution is paying at least Rs. 500/day for someone to do this manually. Typically, only about 20 of holes can be created manually every day, making it very expensive.)

A group of 13 engineers spent 3 days in Palpa to work together with local entrepreneurs to brainstorm initial  technology designs.