Top 10 Entrepreneurs

Ajay Kapur Shrestha Ajay Kapur Shrestha
Bakhra Palan Farm
Ajay Kapur Shrestha’s desire to be financially independent led him to open a farm that produces and supplies fresh goat meat in his village. He plans to expand his business in the near future by improving his infrastructure- adding a dipping tank in his farm, building bigger and advanced cages, and opening a modern cold store to scale up both his production and profit.
ArjunKanauje Arjun Kanauje
Arjun Taja Tarkari Tatha Dudh Utpadan
With almost a decade long experience in commercialized farming, Arjun Kanauje operates a farm, considered to be a model farm in Gulmi. In addition to producing fresh vegetables and dairy products, his enterprise has been training people who are keen to start their career in this field. He firmly believes that problems of unemployment and immigration can be solved by mobilizing the locally available resources and skills.
Bir Bahadur Bishwakarma Bir Bahadur Bishwakarma
Sainik Grill Tatha Krishi Aujar
With a vision to contribute to the agro environment in his village, Bir Bahadur Bishwakarma started his venture as a blacksmith. He started off by creating agricultural tools as per the demand of the local farmers and has now expanded to manufacturing other iron objects like grill, chain gate,and railing among other things. In the coming years, he plans to invest in machineries to increase the quality of his production.
Bin Bahadur Jogi Kuwar Bin Bahadur Jogi Kunwar
Binod Krishi Farm
In order to meet the demand for fresh vegetables and make his village self reliant, Bin Bahadur Kunwar started his farming business seventeen years ago. He uses compost manure and organic pesticides to produce healthy and organic seasonal vegetables. In the next three years, he plans to lease an additional 5 ropanis of land to farm year-long in the total of 13 ropanis of land to produce both seasonal and non-seasonal vegetables.
Chuman Bahadur Gharti Magar Chuman Bahadur Gharti Magar
Malarani Mauri Palan Kendra
With most of the villagers engaged in farming and animal husbandry, Chuman Bahadur Magar wanted to start something unconventional; hence he started his beekeeping business. Today, he is renowned in his village for pure natural honey and wax produced in his farm. He has, so far, trained seventeen other youths interested in the sector. In future days, he aspires to expand his venture into a factory and export the products in the international market.
Indra Bahadur Damarpal Indra Bahadur Damarpal, Sahakari Kheti (Bangur Palan) Indra Bahadur Damarpal uses advanced shelters to rear healthy pigs to cater to the high demand pig meat market. His business is focused towards the Dalit and Janajati community. In the next three years, he plans to expand his business to provide service in other neighboring districts as well.
Induwar Gyawali Induwar Gyawali
Shree Thorgeli Organic Gud Udhyog
Induwar Gyawali established Shree Thorgeli Organic Gud Udhyog to foster market for sugar cane based products. His business produces fresh organic sugar cane juice which is sold both locally and nationally. In the next three years, he aims to expand his business to meet the growing demand for sugarcane by using modern equipment, increasing working capacity of the laborers and improving the quality of his products.
Khadga Bir Thapa Khadga Bir Thapa
Kaligandaki Krishi Farm
Aiming to promote healthy living and to empower youths in his village, Khadga Bir Thapa started his organic farming business that produces fresh vegetables, fish and eggs in his village. With the demand for organic vegetables steadily growing in the market, he aspires to expand his business to 15 ropanis of land, produce 5000 kg of fish, and increase egg production in the next three years.
Rabilal Panth Rabilal Panth
Gaurav Dudh Dairy tatha Prashodhan Kendra
Rabilal Panth envisions making his village free from alcoholism and gambling by expanding his dairy farm that produces items like milk, ghee, curd, kuwa. Panth knows that by establishing a milk processing plant in his village and employing youths, he can not only channel their energy into production but also make his village dairy-sufficient.
Tek Bahadur Rajali Tek Bahadur Rajali
Byawasaik Tarkari Kheti
Recognized by the District Agriculture Development Office and the Village Development Committee for running a successful business,  Tek Bahadur Rajali already has seventeen years of experience in growing vegetables, producing fish and honey. With this extensive experience and a strong vision for the future, he plans to grow his honey farm from 10 hives to 50 hives, build one more fish pond and expand his vegetable farm to 6-7 ropanis in the next three years.