Innovation challenge

At present, Daayitwa works in three districts, Palpa, Gulmi, and Ramechhap.

As part of its Daayitwa Enterprise Challenge (DEC) under the Rural Enterprise Accelerator Project, Daayitwa has conducted three enterprise challenges. The first DEC was organized in Palpa and was followed by Gulmi in 2014, and Ramechhap in 2015-16. Daayitwa REAP has been closely working with the Top 10 Entrepreneurs of each of the DEC as well as with other local entrepreneurs through its Community Innovation Lab which it runs in collaboration with its local partners based on each of these districts.

To promote women entrepreneurship, Daayitwa REAP at present has launched the Women Enterprise Challenge, under its Women Enterprise Accelerator Program  at Palpa. As part of the WEC 2016, Palpa it has selected the Top 20 Women Entrepreneurs and will be finalizing the ‘Top 10 Entrepreneurs’ by the month of November.