The Leading Innovation course

The curriculum of the Leading Innovation course is carefully tailored to fit into Nepal’s social, cultural and political context. It offers in ­practice leadership training to young innovators, fosters youth innovation network and facilitate collaborative high ­impact projects. Furthermore, considering the necessity of leadership development at the grassroots the training was given to entrepreneurs in Palpa, and it will also be conducting the course in other districts.

The adage “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” well reflects the aspirations of the Leadership Lab. Even though Nepalis have excelled across the world, but this has been confined to small group of individuals. The leadership course aspires to creating a large mass of critical individuals, enables the graduates to pass on the learning, hence, creating a multiplier effect.

Leading is essentially a verb. Coupled with good intent, a good leader is also a competent individual. This requires strategic thinking, communication, persuasion, managerial and negotiation skills. The emphasis on creating your own life­ narrative and connecting to large number of people is one of the cornerstones of the leadership course.

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Leading together for a better Nepal

Young people can be enormous hope for a better Nepal. However, if their productive capacity is not built now, they can become a “social burden”. During the course of the program, the Nepal Leadership Lab aims to develop the leadership capacity of young innovators, and to instill the mindset of innovation as well as collaboration in the communities they serve during the tenure of the program and beyond.

Leading with your story

Daayitwa’s Nepal Leadership Lab’s coaching on “Leading with you story” is based on “Story of Self, Us, and Now”.
Telling stories makes it easier for the audience to identify and relate to similar values as the one the speaker has. When the audience relates to the values and connects to the challenge the speaker then a strong bond is created between the speaker and the audience. They too connect to the challenge have a willingness to contribute towards the action that the speaker will take or plans to take.

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