Nepal Leadership Lab


Nurture next generation of young leaders who come together and create innovative solutions to tackle societal challenges for a thriving Nepal.


A thriving Nepal where the citizens are capable and collectively embrace their self-responsibilities to transform societal challenges into innovative opportunities. The failure of leadership in Nepal, not only on part of the “authority” apparatus, is very much evident. Frustrated with high poverty and inequality, local communities nationwide are losing hope and are becoming more dependent on external support.The authorities in the public, private and social sectors, on the other hand, have failed to collaborate in addressing these flaring issues, which will moreover highlighted in the enduring task of rebuilding Nepal over the coming years.  Most unfortunately, the huge innovation potential of youth, who are compelled to leave Nepal for better opportunities, is a unequivocally a national tragedy. It is in this backdrop, the need for a mindset change from dependency to collaboration and from desperation to innovation has been quintessential. The Nepal Leadership Lab aspires to creating a Sammunat Nepal, by generating competent leaders- not only by invigorating their zeal to lead, but also by providing them with very practical tools to sharpen their competence. Skills such as public oratory, mass- mobilization, collaborative, leading a social movement, keeping Nepal’s socio-cultural and political history and current needs in consideration.


There is no precise “rule of thumb” for changing the mindset of people, so the endeavors carried out through the Leadership Lab is largely based on experimentation, even the most subtle learning from over half a decade have been cultivated into the course regime to date, ensuring it is thoroughly  revised.  Hence, the structure of the course adapts as it moves forward. Theoretic learnings garnered from throughout the world have been continually examined in the backdrop of the Nepali context.