DSF 2017 Fellowship Titles

This year, Daayitwa will be partnering with relevant Nepal Government Ministries, Public Agencies, Parliamentary Committees and private sector stakeholders to work on three key thematic areas – Access to Finance (A2F), Growth and Value Chain.


Uncovering Potentials of the Challenge Fund (with Ministry of Finance)

The NRs 1 Billion Challenge Fund of the Government of Nepal can be an effective funding modality for supporting innovative SMEs. What bottlenecks are keeping the government from operationalising this fund?

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Channeling Remittance to Investment and Entrepreneurship (with National Planning Commission)

The contribution of remittance to Nepal’s GDP is over 3o percent. Currently, the major portion of remittance is spent on consumption (non-productive sector). What can be done to channel the funds to investment?

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Assessing Implementation Challenges of Women Entrepreneurship Development Fund (with Ministry of Industry)

Women Entrepreneurship Development Fund has been identified as an important catalyst to promote women enterprise development. What bottlenecks exist to improve the effectiveness of the Fund?

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Increasing Access to Finance for Women through Innovation (with Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare )

Women’s financial exclusion is a major constraint for women economic empowerment. Although, micro finance and cooperatives offer financial services for women in rural areas, it has limited growth potential for their enterprises. What kind of tailor-made financial services are required by women entrepreneurs in rural area?

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Understanding the Economic Role of Women’s Unpaid Care Work (with Ministry of Women, Children, and Social Welfare)

Women are largely associated with care economy – unpaid work related to taking care of the household and work within their families. In the absence of legal, social and, economic recognition, the contribution of care economy to the formal economy is understudied and undervalued. How can the contribution of care economy to Nepal’s GDP be recognized?

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Supporting Entrepreneurship in Earthquake-hit Districts (with National Reconstruction Authority)

The 2015 Gorkha Earthquake, had devastating effects in Nepal’s socio-economic and political order. How can the government leverage the ongoing rebuilding efforts to build on local knowledge and resources for economic rebuilding and thus sustained future of the earthquake affected districts?

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Enabling Growth of MEDEP Micro-Entrepreneurs Into SME Entrepreneurs (with Ministry of Industry)

The Ministry of Industry through MEDEP and MEDPA has already trained thousands of entrepreneurs across the country. How can the government certify their qualification and facilitate business registration process as well as support their growth from micro to small enterprises?

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Facilitating Business Registration for Women (with Ministry of Industry)

Formal registration of business opens doors for multiple opportunities including access to finance. However, most of the women-led enterprises in Nepal are unregistered. How can technology be incorporated into business registration for easing registration process of women-led enterprises?

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Leveraging Technology for Improving Agricultural Productivity (with Ministry of Agricultural Development)

Agriculture sector still remains the predominant economic activity in Nepal. Despite the technological advancement over the decades, the agricultural sector has yet to see modernization. How can technology be utilized in order to improve the net agricultural production?

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Improving Supply Chain of Local Products to Markets (with Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Water Resource)

Most entrepreneurship activities in Nepal are focused on increasing production. What can be done to create a smooth supply chain for delivering products to the market?

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Partner Agencies:Ministry of Agricultural Development | Ministry of Finance| Ministry of Industry | Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare | National Planning Commission | National Reconstruction Authority | Nepal Rastra Bank | Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Water Resource

Fellowship Timeline

  • Priority Deadline: March 5, 2017
  • Regular Deadline: March 26,2017
  • Fellows Announcement:  Mid April
  • June 7: Inception Report
  • July 7: Mid-term Report
  • August 21: Final Report
  • August 28: Symposium

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