DSF 2017-Research

For the Daayitwa Fellowship, Summer 2017, Daayitwa partnered with five public agency and one parliamentary committee to work on 10 topics based on three key thematic areas – Access to Finance (A2F), Growth and Value Chain.

Arshia Karki

National Planning Commission

Project- Channeling Remittance to Investment and Entrepreneurship

Arshia is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Economics at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. Her academic research includes topics on remittances, foreign aid, and economic growth in Nepal and Sub Saharan Africa. Prior to this, she worked at the International Monetary Fund as a Research Analyst, where her work focused on macroeconomic stability in low-income countries, and the risks and vulnerabilities they face in the globalized economy. Going forward, she is interested in studying the interplay between micro and macroeconomics in addressing problems faced by developing countries.

Bikash Gupta

Ministry of Women, Children, and Social Welfare

Project- Increasing Access to Finance for Women through Innovation

Bikash is an undergraduate student at Soka University in California. He is pursuing Economics and Politics as his sub-concentrations. Growing up in Siraha, he witnessed the civil war and two Madhes movements from a closer distance. The rapid political changes and personal incidents of ethnic discrimination made him interested in politics. He often contributes op-ed pieces and articles to national dailies, advocating for inclusion and representation of minorities. Bikash and his friends conducted first ever Mathfest for high school students in Siraha in 2014, aimed to introduce academic programs in the rural areas. In 2015, he led a group of friends in collecting funds for earthquake victims through “We are Nepal” campaign. Currently, he and his friend are working on a restaurant project in Siraha, aimed to create jobs for women in the food sector


Deepak Ratna Tuladhar

Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Water Resource

Project- Improving Supply Chain of Local Products to Markets

Deepak Tuladhar is an entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Human Resource Management and Personnel Administration from University of West London. With a vision to connect rural farmers with the urban consumer, he cofounded Farm to Finger Pvt. Ltd., where he serves as an Executive Director.

Gaurav Thapa

National Reconstruction Authority

Project- Supporting Entrepreneurship in Earthquake-hit Districts
Gaurav holds a Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts (Economics) from Jain University. Involved in research on economic policies and framing market liberalization programs, he has worked with scholars in identifying the realities and approaches to understand the political economy of South and Southeast Asia. Interested in advancing stability for prosperity, he has worked in the field of understanding peacebuilding and conflict resolution and has conducted research on Conflict and its Economic Consequences in South Asia at South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).  Gaurav has also worked and trained with the Government of Nepal on economic and inter-state diplomacy. He is also a Caux Scholar 2016 working in the field of social entrepreneurship and is a facilitator for an international group working on Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations. He is interested in working in the field of economic integration supporting Nepal.

Karuna Tuladhar

Ministry of Industry


Project- Enabling Growth of MEDEP Micro-Entrepreneurs Into SME Entrepreneurs

Karuna Tuladhar is a change aspirant. She holds an MBA from Kathmandu University School of Management specializing in Finance. She graduated in Business Administration from Kathmandu College of Management as a finance major. As a student, Karuna actively involved herself in social awareness campaigns as the Vice-President of The Social Welfare Club and pursued on to many leadership activities during KUSOM’s flagship events. For her academic research she conducted feasibility analysis for Electric Passenger Vehicles, investigating the viability for E-Mobility within Kathmandu valley. Most recently, she was engaged in assessing and assisting micro enterprises in Bhorletar VDC, Lumjung in collaboration with Choice Humanitarian, as a part of her graduating project. As a part of the Nepalese workforce, Karuna is driven to work for the development of the Nepali society.


Kshtiz Puri

Ministry of Industry


Project- Enabling Growth of MEDEP Micro-Entrepreneurs Into SME Entrepreneurs

After working as a freelancing Management Consultant for more than a year, and encouraged with the success and rave reviews of work ranging from simple problem solving to a donor funded research, hospitality to hydro, Kshitiz Puri finally gave in to the lure of establishing a consulting company, and is the founding partner of Ideas and Solutions. Currently, he is serving as Executive Director/Principal consultant and also pursuing Masters in Multidisciplinary Sustainable development, where his principle area of interest is social entrepreneurship and SMEs development at Kathmandu University School of Education(KUSOED). He served as the National Coordinator of Dwoko Nepal, a nonprofit organization, where he was one of the pioneers of the concept of STEM education in Nepal, a program technically assisted by faculties and scholars of Georgia Tech University, USA.


Naviya Kafle

Ministry of Agricultural Development


Project- Leveraging Technology for Improving Agricultural Productivity

Naviya Kafle recently graduated from Dickinson College with a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Biology. During her time there, she developed an interest and passion for agriculture. She owes this to her involvement with the College’s 50-acre organic farm, where she worked as a Student Farmer for two years. She is interested in learning more about and working toward solving issues concerning food and agriculture in Nepal.



Needika Adhikari

Ministry of Industry

Project- Assessing Implementation Challenges of Women Entrepreneurship Development Fund

Needika holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law (B.A.L.L.B) from Nepal Law Campus. Her academic research has helped her build up a practical and distinctive understanding of laws, augment academic quality, comprehend issues critically and broaden knowledge on diverse subject matters like society, politics, economy, developments and more. She gradually developed her interest in business law subsequent to her working experiences with startups and research on Foreign Direct Investments in Nepal. She is interested in contributing to Nepal’s growing economy.


 Prakat Khati

Ministry of Industry

Project- Facilitating Business Registration for Women

Prakat Khati holds a Bachelors of Art and Bachelors of Law (BA LLB) from Kathmandu School of Law. He serves as one of the Student Editors of the Kathmandu School of Law Review and has conducted research and studies in comparative law and policy, human rights law and international justice. He serves as a Teaching Assistant at Kathmandu School of Law where he trains students in oration, legal research and drafting. He maintains an interest in transitional justice and the rights of victims in Nepal and intends to contribute to the sector in the future.


Salu Singh

Ministry of Women, Children, and Social Welfare

Project- Understanding the Economic Role of Women’s Unpaid Care Work

Salu Singh recently completed her Bachelors of Arts in Economics with minors in Development Studies and Fine Arts from Asian University for Women. She is very interested in working to overcome poverty and unemployment situations in Nepal. Salu has also worked in various projects related to community development.   She is a feminist and therefore thrives to establish equal opportunities for women in Nepal.