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We envision a thriving Nepal with an improved governance.


Our mission is to strengthen Nepalese public system by enabling youths and public leaders to promote innovation in governance for a thriving Nepal.

The biggest asset of our country, we believe, is the aspirations of the passionate Nepalese youths to contribute in building new and progressive Nepal. Trusting on this fact, we aspire to create a collaborative platform for Nepalese youths from Nepal and abroad, selected as Daayitwa fellows, to work on high-priority projects in partnership with the public sector institutions in Nepal from the phase of designing the project to their respective implementation in order to produce meaningful deliverables.

Key objectives:

  1. To foster a collaborative spirit among Nepalese youths from across the globe in nation-building.
  2. To nurture and generate a cadre of leaders who will embrace their dayitwa of transforming Nepal
  3. To leverage technical expertise, knowledge, academic and professional networks of Nepalese youths across the globe to innovate, collaborate and serve.
  4. To help the fellows understand and strengthen the functioning of public sector institutions by providing first hand working experience with concerned bodies.
  5. To establish and strengthen the network of Nepalese professionals and academicians with credible individuals, firms and international agencies.

What is Daayitwa Fellowship?


Understanding the potential of Nepal to have economic and sustainable development through communal operation of creative minds, energy and passion of talented youths for developing progressive Nepal, Daayitwa Public Service Fellowship was initiated in 2013. ‘Daayitwa’ is an initiative that facilitates the process of national transformation by providing youths an opportunity to work with the government on high priority national projects henceforth, instilling the culture of collaboration between and among youths, political representatives, private sector supports and the government. We aim to create a cadre of young, competent, and enthusiastic leaders who will embrace their Daayitwa of strengthening the capacity and horizon of the public sectors.


The students and young professionals from Nepal and abroad, competitively selected as a ‘Daayitwa Fellow’, work on high-priority national projects in partnership with public sector institutions, members of parliament of Nepal and private sector supports. The fellows generate ideas and alternatives depending on the needs of the partners under the mentor-ship of national and international experts and academicians from reputed universities and firms.

Those projects are categorized as:

  • specific action oriented policy research,
  • innovative technology projects,
  • establishment and scale up of replicable models of economic and social development.


The Daayitwa Team works closely with the partner agencies, Members of Parliament and the fellows to build a fellowship team. The team will work together in project design and their implementation in order to produce meaningful deliverables.

  • Project design facilitation – We first facilitate the Partner Agencies in defining and developing a project framework.
  • Selection process facilitation – We oversee the mechanism for preparing, managing, and reviewing applications, through a web-based platform, to support the Partner Agencies and Technical Advisers in selecting candidates who will best meet the requirements and aspirations of the project.
  • Fellowship team building and orientation – We facilitate in forming a team by orienting each of the team members with each other, providing technical and logistical support, and connecting them with advisers from different parts of the world. The team is divided acknowledging team members’ common interest.
  • Project implementation support – Our Nepal and US based team will be in constant communication with all partners and fellows in producing, assessing and implementing agreed deliverables.

This year’s Daaytiwa Summer fellowship 2017 is based on three thematic areas- Access to Finance, Growth and Value Chain. 15 highly motivated individuals will have the opportunity to work with three Ministries, three Public Agencies and two Parliamentary Committee on high-priority projects based on these three themes.

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