Civic Engagement

Daayitwa envisions a thriving Nepal where citizens are capable and embrace their self-responsibilities to collectively transform societal challenges into innovative opportunities. To emphasize the idea of self-responsibility or one’s Daayitwa, our civic engagement program helps engage Nepali youth and the Nepali Diaspora to give back and support social entrepreneur and ongoing rebuilding efforts in Nepal.

Walk for Nepal

The Diaspora Civic Engagement Program enables diasporic Nepalis to give back together to support social entrepreneurs in Nepal. The Walk for Nepal (WfN) sub-program nurtures a culture of civic collaboration in Nepalis and friends of Nepal by organizing them to support Nepal-based NGOs through walkathons.

Learn more about Walk for Nepal here.

Nepal Rising

In the aftermath of the deadly April 2015 earthquake in Nepal and leveraging the WfN learning, the Nepal Rising (NR) Campaign was launched with the vision of a resilient Nepal where its citizens in Nepal and worldwide embrace hope and responsibility to act together in rising from the current adversity for a thriving future. Daayitwa provides an organizing framework, including online tools, for city-based volunteer groups or community organizations to coordinate walkathons and liaise with Nepal-based NGOs.

Learn more about Nepal Rising here.

Rebuilding Efforts in Ramechhap

Daayitwa recently constructed two school buildings in Ramechhap, in collaboration with YSP-Nepal.

Rebuilding Efforts in Nuwakot

On 7th August, two representatives from Daayitwa (Mr. Aman Shrestha) and Nepal Rising (NR) (Parimal Ariyal) visited Neel Saraswati Lower Secondary School in Gorshyang, Nuwakot.