Gulmi Innovation Challenge 2015


Daayitwa Naya Ghar in partnership with its local partner IRDS (Integrated Resources Development Society) is organizing the Daayitwa Innovation Challenge 2015 in Gulmi. A total of 75 Village Development Committee in Gulmi were reached through radio, print media, and local contacts. The DIL2015 received 231 applicants from various districts of Gulmi. In the process, Daayitwa Naya Ghar team and IRDS pre-screened and chose 40 entrepreneurs based on their written application. The 40 applications were mostly agribusiness entrepreneurs. Out of those 40 pre-screened entrepreneurs 20 were shortlisted based on SMS and Facebook voting. The Daayitwa Naya Ghar team along with our chosen jury selected the top 10 entrepreneurs in Gulmi. The top 10 entrepreneurs will receive trainings on entrepreneurship development, leadership as well as mentorship from the various agri scientist, agri-business specialist as well as KUSOM students under our Daayitwa Naya Ghar’s Rural Enterprise Service.

Learn more about Gulmi DIL 2015 here.