Ramechhap Top 10 announced

On April 30, Daayitwa along with its local partner Youth Partnership for Development and Peace Nepal (YSP­Nepal) announced the ‘Top 10 Entrepreneurs’ of the Daayitwa Enterprise Challenge (DES), 2015­16, Ramechhap”. This is part of the Daayitwa Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP) at Daayitwa whose aim is to nurture a movement of community­ based entrepreneurs who accelerate their enterprises and foster innovative communities. A ... Read more

Going beyond classroom

In February 2016, under Rural Enterprise Service (RES) 33 senior MBA students from Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) spent three weeks with the entrepreneurs in Palpa and Gulmi as a part of Daayitwa’s Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program.

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Daayitwa’s shared journey with Economic Policy Incubator

Daayitwa continues on its collaborative journey with Economic Policy Incubator (EPI). EPI is one of the three components of DFID (Department for International Development)’s Accelerating Investment and Infrastructure in Nepal (AiiN) that aims to create an enabling environment for better economic policies in order to achieve higher levels of economic growth. Read more

Understanding Rural Entrepreneurship

Daayitwa partnered with Nepal leadership Academy (NLA), for NLA's Rural Enterprise Innovation (LREI) course.

Nepal Leadership Academy is a nonprofit company established in an attempt to address the growing issue of leadership crisis across the world.

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School Rebuilding – Ramechhap

The devastating earthquake of April 25, caused immense infrastructural damages. The tremors of the earthquake affected 12 districts of Nepal significantly, Ramechhap being one of them. Read more

Daayitwa Women Enterprise Challenge – Palpa Announced!

On April 19, 2016, Daayitwa announced the Daayitwa Women Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (WREAP), 2016 Palpa amid a formal event attended by government officials, politicians affiliated to various parties, local leaders, business community and members of the media at the District Development Committee office in Palpa.

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