Entrepreneurship as an Economic Development Strategy

As a Daayitwa Fellow, I am interested in learning how a government takes on the role of an investor to support innovation and how risk-taking attitude and entrepreneurial culture can be encouraged either at a behavioral level or at an institutional level. With these questions I set out to learn more on what strategies governments have used to develop entrepreneurship within a given state, region or nation. Read more

Social Entrepreneurship

On June 30 -July 1, Daayitwa team including our Summer Fellows 2016 participated in a 2-day International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (ICSE) at Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu. Organized with the theme of rebuilding Nepal through social entrepreneurship, the conference was a first of its kind that focused on how social entrepreneurship, in particular, can contribute to the much-needed rebuilding efforts post the 2015 mega-earthquake.

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Creating Entrepreneurial Mindset

I feel much closer to our country, Nepal, our people with their story of struggle and success, and our cultural and geographical diversity, than I had ever felt in my life as I write this blog. I got a chance to pursue an adventurous journey to the hills of Palpa, Gulmi, and soon I will be on my way to Ramechhap as a part of Daayitwa- Nepal Public Service Fellowship Summer, 2016. Read more

Audaciousness and Change

Often accused of extreme audacity at home, I could not help but think of the chaotic 3 months that could follow the boot-camp for the fellowship at Chitlang. A HDI of 0.548, a CPI of 27 points and we the 13 Daayitwa Summer Fellows. Well, we DID sign up for it. Read more

SEZs – Special for Who?

I have met many people who have braved starting a business but are hesitant to take a leap further to expand it. When starting a business, everything is not simply in the owner’s hands. Trying to start a business and setting it up is one thing, but the struggles in the process of expanding it is another story. The entrepreneurs of these small-medium enterprises (SMEs) may be fulfilling their Daayitwa towards their family, community or country; but in this bigger picture where does our Daayitwa ... Read more

Rupa Hitanga’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Her husband was an alcoholic. Her family was looked down upon as ‘dalit’, and as the only breadwinner for the family, she had to work on someone else’s farm for long hours, just to eke out a living. This was the story of Rupa Hitanga, a mother of two who lives in Madan Pokhara, Palpa in western Nepal. This was the story of the Hitangas that runs for generations. The characters of the story remain the same, but Rupa’s entrepreneurial spirit and the desire for a better life has changed the ... Read more