Young Daayitwa Fellows to work with Nepal Public Governance System

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Daayitwa is gearing up for its 8th Nepal Public Service Fellowship Program – a fellowship program that inspires youth to enhance positive conversation and action in Nepal’s public governance system.

7th June 2018

Daayitwa is back with its prominent program of the Daayitwa Movement – Nepal Public Service Fellowship program. Today, Daayitwa is running its 8th fellowship program after previously organizing seven successful fellowship programs with 78 Daayitwa fellows who have worked with 20 public agencies and 25 parliamentarians to support high-priority projects. Its current fellowship program is supported by Buddha Air and Himalayan Bank Limited.

For this Summer particularly, 12 fellows have joined Daayitwa from in and outside Nepal to work on key policy issues identified by the Daayitwa Research Team. The identified key policy issues have been divided into five themes – Access to investment, Women’s economic empowerment, Enterprise value chain, Youth employment and governance, and Bureaucracy reform.

The Daayitwa fellows according to their interest, experience, and expertise in any one of the five themes, will be working closely with public agencies and elected representatives at federal, provincial and local level – to produce meaningful research on pressing policy issues.  One of the primary aims of Daayitwa fellowship is to promote evidence based policy to ensure policy reforms are backed by proper research findings.

This year for the fellowship program Daayitwa has partnered with Ministry of Agriculture Development; Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security; Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies; Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen; National Natural Resource and Fiscal Commission (NNRFC); Tilottama and Tansen Municipality of Palpa; and Planning Commission of Province 5. It is also collaborating with elected representatives – Honorary Gagan Thapa and Honorary Bishal Khadka and Honorary Gokarna Bista.

The fellowship program besides, the public governance exposure will also include a leadership development and capacity enhancement course designed at Harvard Center for Public Leadership through Nepal Leadership Academy, Daayitwa’s signature component. The fellows will also be given a short course on Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA), designed at the Center for International Development at Harvard University. The idea of these courses is to help the fellows exercise leadership in their lives and in the affiliated public agencies they will work with.

The Daayitwa fellowship program aspires to strengthen Nepalese public system by enabling youths and public leaders to promote innovation in governance for a thriving Nepal. It envisions a national transformation by providing youths an opportunity to work with the government on high priority national projects henceforth, instilling the culture of collaboration between and among youths, political representatives, private sector supports and the government.

Daayitwa is hopeful that the fellowship program through the leadership of youths will eventually narrow down the apathy associated with public governance system to a positive conversation and thereafter impactful actions in Nepal’s public governance system. The Daayitwa fellowship program is still one of the few fellowship programs available for students and young professionals in Nepal.