Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs announced in Palpa

Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs_WREAP

On September 2, 2017, a jury consisting of 3 entrepreneurship experts: Ms. Meenu Maharjan, Program Coordinator of Rural Enterprise Accelerator Program at Daayitwa, Ms. Swadeepa Bohara, Researcher and Program Officer of Women’s Economic Empowerment at Daayitwa, and Mr. Ram Kharel, Executive Director of Nepal Allied Industries, evaluated the top 10 women entrepreneurs based on their performance on the 100 days campaign, future growth potential, and social impact and selected the top 5. The 5 entrepreneurs that made it to the top are: Man Kumari Gaire, goat farmer, Pabisara Rajali, dhaka manufacturer, Devi Malla, commercial vegetable farmer, Bishnu Karki, incense, candle and broom manufacturer, Goma Bhandari, lemon farmer; they were awarded with RS. 50,000 each to further their enterprise growth.

Since 2014, Daayitwa has been using community-based approach to promote entrepreneurship development in rural districts of Nepal. Through its Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP) interventions, Daayitwa has learned that women are a vital force behind a family run enterprise, yet they do not get recognized for their work, which directly or indirectly translates to monetary or non-monetary gains. Even when women are engaged in economic activities, they operate at subsistence level with care mindset , an intent to fulfil family need and generate some additional income, but not necessarily grow their enterprise at scale. Additionally, women lack enabling environment for entrepreneurial pursuits in rural areas, i.e., recognition and redistribution of care role, women-tailored loans, investments and enterprise development support.

Realizing this need for rural women entrepreneurs to move from care mindset to growth mindset by strengthening their leadership push from within and equipping them with technical skills to understand the nuts and bolts of enterprise development, in April 2016, Daayitwa launched Women Rural Enterprise Acceleration Project (WREAP), a community-based approach to entrepreneurship that aims to increase visibility of women entrepreneurs and growth of their enterprises in Palpa. Through Daayitwa Enterprise Challenge, we identify and select growth-oriented micro and small enterprises. A total of 200+ applications were received and Top 40 were identified in August 2016. The top 40 entrepreneurs went through a month long district wide SMS voting campaign based on which top 20 were selected. Daayitwa provided the top 20 entrepreneurs with business literacy training, business model canvas and book-keeping training. In November 2016, a team of expert jury selected the Top 10 entrepreneurs from the 20 by evaluating their public presentation and field observation of the enterprise. The selected Top 10 entrepreneurs received Rs. 25000 for their business growth. They were also provided with business registration training in January, 2017, business value-chain training in April 2017 and customized women leadership training developed with Harvard University professors in May, 2017 with Rs 10,000 support to run a 100 days enterprise development campaign. The announcement of Top 5 entrepreneurs marked the culmination of the Daayitwa Enterprise Challenge in Palpa.

Women Rural Enterprise Accelerator Project (WREAP) is Daayitwa’s signature intervention to accelerate the women led enterprises in rural Nepal by enhancing their adaptive leadership and technical capability.