Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs in Palpa


On November 3, the Daayitwa team traveled to Palpa with a team of 7 jury members to evaluate the Top 20 women entrepreneurs and select the Top 10. Joint Secretary Ms. Yam Kumari Khatiwada of the Ministry of Industry attended the Top 10 announcement event as Chief Guest. She highlighted key takeaways, gave an overview of the government’s efforts and reiterated commitment for the SME sector.

Over a period of 2 days, jury members visited each entrepreneur’s homes to evaluate their personal traits as well as their businesses. The entrepreneurs also gave a 2-minute public presentation on the final day’s event. The scores of the jury visit as well as their presentations were combined to select the Top 10.

We are delighted to announce our Top 10 women entrepreneurs of Palpa as follows (in no particular order) :

  • Sunita Rana, Beauty Care and Institute
  • Devi Malla, Vegetable Farm
  • Pawisara Rajali, Dhaka Production
  • Binu Gautam, Vegetable Farm
  • Laxmi Gyawali, Vegetable Farm
  • Man Kumari Gaire, Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Services
  • Bishnu Karki (Thapa), Incense Production
  • Goma Bhandari, Lemon Farm
  • Prema Neupane, Animal and Vegetable Farm
  • Shanta Gautam Nepal, Goat and Fruit Farm

Each Top 10 entrepreneurs were awarded a case prize of Rs. 25,000 with which they will scale up their businesses. In the coming months, Top 5 entrepreneurs will be selected and awarded a further amount of Rs. 50,000 from Nepal Rising.

Our jury members were:

  • Ms.Anamika Singh Bhandary, Executive Director, FWEAN
  • Ms. Susmita Rajopadhyaya, Organizational Services Coordinator, Bihani Social Venture
  • Ms Bimala Bashyal, Bee Farmer, Daayitwa Enterprise Challenge 2014, Top 5 Winner
  • Ms. Indira Rana Magar, Founder, Prisoners Assistance Nepal
  • Dr. Bharat P. Bhatta, Entrepreneurship and Market Researcher and Lecturer, King’s College
  • Mr. Babu Ram Khanal, Assistant Professor, Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU)
  • Mr. Ram Kharel, Director of Nepal Allied Industries
  • Mr. Babu Ram Kandel Branch Manager, Nepal Investment Bank Ltd, Palpa