School Rebuilding – Ramechhap


The devastating earthquake of April 25, caused immense infrastructural damages. The tremors of the earthquake affected 12 districts of Nepal significantly, Ramechhap being one of them.

Due to the earthquake most of the schools were destroyed which halted the education of many young children. In order to ensure that right of children to sound education, Daayitwa collaborated with Youth Partnership for Development and Peace- Nepal (YSP- Nepal) to rebuild educational infrastructure. Two schools were successfully constructed in the district. Shree Gyashwori Lower Secondary School was recently constructed and Shree Brikheshowri Lower Secondary School is in the process of being completed, with only some minor finishing left.

On the 1st May, 2016, both the schools were handed over to the School Management Committee (SMC) in the presence of Chief guest and the Member of Parliament Hon. Aang Tawa Sherpa, representatives from District Development Committee (DDC), District Education Office (DEO), local political parties, local community members and students. Shree Gayashwori Lower Secondary School was handed over first. Local residents and students cheered the reconstruction effort and students celebrated the completion of their new educational building with dance performances. They effort was highly appreciated by all the district stakeholders.

Similarly, at another event, Shree Brikheshwori Lower Secondary School was handed over to the School Management Committee.

The schools are the first semi-permanent structures completed and handed over to the SMC. It also acts as a model structure for other school reconstruction as earthquake resistant techniques has been incorporated in the school building.

We are thankful to our local YSP- Nepal community members who collaboratively completed the shared journey for the construction of two schools in Ramechhap. With the completion of these two school buildings, more than 200 students will benefit with sound physical structures that will ensure that their education is not disrupted again.