Leading Innovation with Daayitwa Summer Fellows 2017

Leading Innovation Course, Daayitwa Summer Fellowship 2017

10 Daayitwa Summer Fellows attended the Leading Innovation Course in Bhaktapur Guest House from 1-3 August, 2017. Leading Innovation Course is a result of 18-month research of Dr. Pukar Malla, Executive Director of Daayitwa, former Senior Research Fellow at Harvard Center for Public Leadership, with distinguished professors Marshall Ganz and Ronald Heifetz at the Harvard Kennedy School. The course assimilates the socio-political history and present context of Nepal with some of the world’s renowned leadership practices such as adaptive leadership, community organizing and public narrative.

The course aims to build leadership capacity in the young policy innovators so that they can accelerate the impact of their interventions for a thriving world. The course strengthened the ability of the participants to:

    understand their call to leadership
    empathize with others
    diagnose adaptive challenges
    mobilize collective action

Of the six modules, the third, fourth and fifth modules were conducted in this duration; the modules being: ‘EMPATHIZE with others,’ ‘ANALYZE Adaptive Issues,’ and ‘DO Collaborative Work.’
Bikash Gupta, a Daayitwa Summer Fellow, shares, “The Leadership Course helped me learn various approaches to problem-solving. Most of the problems that we face in life require us to adapt, and make behavioural change—not only within ourselves, but also among our people. But that is an uphill task; the change may cause loss, and we are more afraid of loss than we are keen for gain. The leadership course taught me to systematically approach such adaptive challenges, and make meaningful and positive changes around me.”