EPI Meetings (Aug 21-28, 2016)


As a part of the ongoing initiative on “Simplifying FDI and Business Entry Procedures”, Daayitwa and Pioneer Law Associates had their first field visit and consultation meeting in Biratnagar, Butwal, and Birjung.

Daayiwta team members included Mr. Krishna Gywalai, Former Secretary of the Ministry of Industry GoN, Mr. Manoj Paudel, and Mr. Jaya Jung Mahat. Mr. Anup Uprety represented Pioneer Law Associates.

During the sessions held in all three cities, Mr. Gyawali shared the team’s finding from prior consultations with public and private sector stakeholders in Kathmandu. Meanwhile, Mr. Upreti shared about prevailing legal and policy provisions on FDIs and business registration in Nepal. He also talked about bottlenecks and other discouraging factors with regard to easing business entry procedures and also FDIs approval. He further discussed procedural steps, impediments, and reform possibilities.

The discussions were based on four guiding questions, related to the importance of ease of business entry and FDI approval, local entrepreneurs current works and related issues, the challenges faced, and Daayitwa’s role in helping them address their concerns.

The participants provided their views and opinions regarding each issues which will be addressed while drafting the recommendations for the research project.