‘Building experiences is important’


Aashish Adhikari, a Daayitwa Innovation Leader of the ‘Aarambha’ Campaign shares the importance of youth engagement in youth-driven programmes.

Originally from Pokhara, a lush green town famous for its lakes, bustling tourists and brewing youth entrepreneurship, Aashish Adhikari has always been fascinated by the energy of his hometown.

Currently, he is involved in ‘Aarambha’ in Province 5, Butwal, as a Daayitwa Innovation Leader. His campaign aims to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers.

“Butwal is a new place for me; however, it’s a good place to start and build experience. It’s a place that has made me increasingly more aware about politics and civic engagement,” says Aashish, when asked about his choice to work in Province 5.

Aashish is an avid student pursuing Bachelors in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry in Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Paklihawa Campus. He is a nature-lover who believes in youth empowerment and participation. His youthful activist spirit is hard to miss.

“It’s necessary as youth to engage ourselves in social activities where we can practice leadership – because that’s a start towards the change that we want to see. ‘Aarambha’ for me is an experience as well as opportunity to be a part of a journey that allows me to work on youth employment issues while, directly engaging with the struggling youths in Butwal. The issues that have sprung from my accounts of engagement with them brings forward their concerns of not finding a job that matches their academic qualifications, or otherwise, even without a degree.”

Aashish has actively participated in many youth programs, and, as an Innovation Leader for Yuwa Aaja! Campaign he is treading another journey to learn and advocate about the issues of youth employment in Nepal.

Among the other four team members in ‘Aarambha’, he is the youngest campaigner. Working alongside experienced team members, Aashish shares that he is learning immensely from them.  He says, “Our campaign has been working to encourage and trigger the feeling of doing something innovative in our own country among the youths of Butwal.”

“ As youths, we should also think about entrepreneurship. We shouldn’t bind ourselves to think that a proper job is a desk job. I believe if we can empower entrepreneurship through the capacity of youth – young Nepalis probably will not think of migrating abroad, especially for job opportunities. If some institution was in place to help connect the job seekers with the employers, then it would help to bridge the gaps between the two”, Aashish further adds.

Written by: Pratibha Pant/ To support Aarambha follow Yuwa Aaja on Facebook and Instagram