Gender Based Violence and Legislation Monitoring

DNPSF_15W_Gender Based Violence and Legislation Monitoring_Bina Jha-1

Author : Bina Jha, Daayitwa Winter Fellow 2015 under Hon. Ms. Rukmini Chaudary, Member of Legislature Parliament of Nepal

This report involves discovering how the women in Nepal are deprived from opportunities and suffering from many kinds of GBV due to patriarchal mindset behaviors and discriminatory national laws and policies. The goal is to show that the causes and effects of GBV which is deeply rooted in the society and maintaining by creating restrictions on their mobility. This has been done by analyzing statutory provisions, field visits, story of victims of GBV in four districts. Upon examination of these events, it becomes clear GBV can be seen in every society on the name of social traditions. It is attempted to involve the people from different society and culture to bolster their claims by citing speeches and idioms used for women. Through showing that the women live in rural areas of Nepal are not able to enjoy their human rights, this research highlights the importance of elimination of GBV in shaping the actions of the society and the government.

The above report abstract is based on a rigorous research work under Daayitwa- Nepal Public Service Fellowship program by Daayitwa Fellows starting 2013 onwards. If you wish to access the full report, please email us at
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