From Subsistence Production to Commercial Agricultural Revolution in Dhading

DNPSF_15W_From Subsistence Production to Commercial - Sparking Agricultural Revolution in Dhading_Dhanej Thapa-1

Author: Dhanej Thapa, Daayitwa Winter Fellow 2015 with Hon. Mr. Parshuram Tamang, Member of Legislature Parliament of Nepal

Nepalese agriculture has stagnated growth of agricultural productivity.
Dominance of rain-fed agriculture, land fragmentation and degradation,increasing climate uncertainties and poor institutional responses are some of critical factors that are hindering Nepalese agriculture. Additionally, farmers’ reluctance towards agriculture is a serious problem to be addressed immediately. Some of new consequences like feminization, and land abandonment can be observed in rural areas. The low productivity of traditional agriculture, limited opportunities for its commercialization, and limited opportunities for off -farm and non-farm employment opportunities have caused the absence of 1.9 million youths, mainly due to their migration for foreign employment (CBS 2011). This research seeks to explore the current agricultural policies aim to transform subsistence to commercial agriculture, prospects and challenges of Commercialization in Sattedevi VDC of Dhading.

The above report abstract is based on a rigorous research work under Daayitwa- Nepal Public Service Fellowship program by Daayitwa Fellows starting 2013 onwards. If you wish to access the full report, please email us at
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