Developing A Strategy to Empower Disadvantaged Groups

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Author: Samasti Shakya, Daayitwa Winter Fellow 2015

This paper is based on the research conducted in Gunjanagar, Chitwan. On recommendation of Honorable MP Shiva Kumari Gotame, this place was optioned to conduct research on “Developing Strategy To Empower Disadvantaged Group”. Gunjanagar is a recently announced Municipality, now it is named Chitraban Nagarpalika. This area was chosen as sample area for the study as around 2000 Dalits reside in this area and their economic background is lower thanthose (upper caste) living in same area. During ancient time in Gunjanagar, the Dalits and upper caste of the society were separated by the area. However in present days they all live together and in mutual understanding but the structure can still be seen.

The research methodology was Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Key Informant Interviews (KII). Seven FGD were conducted in six different areas of Gunjanagar and four KII were conducted with Gunjanagar’s residents to know present situation of Dalits and actions that has been carried out for their economic growth. These FGD and KII were able to gather information on discrimination Dalits are facing in present day context. During discussion the group came up with the solution that various skill based trainings can be conducted to empower Dalit community and this will make them independent and empowerment will take place automatically. To decrease the discrimination Dalits are facing, several actions can be taken for instance awareness programs, skill development trainings and introducing Nation’s Policy in education system of Nepal. Further, for the effective empowerment through various trainings the proper study should be conducted regarding the present day market. This will empower the Dalit community in long term increasing the effectiveness.

The above executive summary is based on a rigorous research work under Daayitwa- Nepal Public Service Fellowship program by Daayitwa Fellows starting 2013 onwards. If you wish to access the full report, please email us at
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