Developing A Strategy for Youth Employment and Migration

DNPSF_15W_Developing A Strategy for Youth Employment and Migration_Ganden Ukyab-1

Ganden Ukyab, Daayitwa Winter Fellow 2015

This study was conducted to investigate employment and migration patterns among the youth in Baitadi. The aim of this report is to assess how competitive employment opportunities can be created in Baitadi so that youth do not have to depend on outbound-migration for survival.Focused group discussions, key informant interviews and desk research were conducted to get a better understanding of the current situation of the locals. The main findings were the locals are unaware of the importance of saving remittance for income generation activities, they have no information about any kind of government assistance for self-employment or small-scale entrepreneurship initiatives and also lack an entrepreneurial instinct. They are in need of more permanent employment but are not willing to permanently leave behind their cultural traditions and ancestral home for work. The result indicated that there are currently very minimal income and employment alternatives but to migrate during the agricultural off-season. Steps have to be taken from all levels- individual, community, private sector, civil society and government to reduce unemployment and migration. It is recommended that youth engage in economic activities locally, the government develop local employment strategies and create entrepreneurial and business friendly policies to encourage the youth to stay in the country for its overall development.

The above report abstract is based on a rigorous research work under Daayitwa- Nepal Public Service Fellowship program by Daayitwa Fellows starting 2013 onwards. If you wish to access the full report, please email us at
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