Cultural Heritage Sensitive Urban Development Strategy

DNPSF_15W_Cultural Heritage Sensitive Urban Development Strategy_Shyamsunder Kawan-1

Author: Shyamsunder Kawan, Daayitwa Winter Fellow 2015

This report highlights the unequivocal significance of peripheral historic settlements of Kathmandu valley and the private historic buildings as a significant part of cultural heritage there. Taking the case of Panga as one of such settlements, it discusses the methods to signify their heritage value in a historic settlement and formulates the strategies related to cultural heritage and urban development prioritizing the potent areas. An aid of electronic “application” for survey and ArcGIS has been incorporated for spatial analysis to prepare this report. Prioritization of significant areas in terms of heritage value are done with spatial mapping of the cumulative values determined with indicators that the traditional heritage buildings have remained intact from layers of changes that came to the historic settlement.

The above report abstract is based on a rigorous research work under Daayitwa- Nepal Public Service Fellowship program by Daayitwa Fellows starting 2013 onwards. If you wish to access the full report, please email us at
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