Veera Lamichhane

Daayitwa_Veera Lamichhane

Veera Lamichhane recently worked as a project manager at an organisation that promotes and supports the education of young girls in rural areas of Nepal. Along with raising awareness against girl trafficking, she has worked to reduce early marriage rates and the number of drop-outs in government schools too. Her past experiences include becoming a volunteering officer for the Gurkha Settlement Service (GSS) in coalition with Crime Reduction Initiatives (CRI) in London, where Veera worked directly with the Gurkha community to promote integration, support them to engage with services in their area by signposting to appropriate local and national resources. She further engaged in events ranging from supporting Gurkha Youths with drug/alcohol issues to leading IT classes for the elderly and assisting Gurkha families with housing and benefits issues.

Knowledge from maintaining long-term employment with a major retailer in London has further fuelled her enthusiasm for market research. As a university graduate of BA in International Politics, Veera is eager to bring reform and to work for initiatives which proactively implement change to the socio-political structure of the country.

Veera will be working on the project- ‘Strengthening the role of SMEs in industrialization by leveraging Special Economic Zones,’ with Ministry of Industry.