Samasty Shakya


SAMASTY SHAKYA completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science focusing on Community Development Work from Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Her degree studies, which has multicultural environment, has enhanced social analysis and actions to implement participatory research to analyze local conditions in relation to wide economic and social changes. She has worked with various organizations both in Nepal and Finland through field work internship on various issues. For child welfare, she has worked with organizations like CWIN- Nepal, Sang-Sangai, Bal Kendra and Antilan Koulu, Finland. Her work with Society for Empowerment (STEP-Nepal) and Nicehearts Ry, Finland provided her knowledge about women empowerment. At Korson Setlementtinuoret, Finland she was involved to keep the youths of that center engaged in various activities during their free time.