Sabana Poudel


Sabana Poudel, an undergraduate in Law is a journalist by profession. She has been working as an English News Editor/ Presenter at Nepal Television, the leading channel in Nepalese Broadcasting History. She has been involved with Media since 2010. The core area of Ms. Poudel’s interest lies in judicial and administrative functioning of the state. With her academic knowledge of law and professional journalism practice, she has been expanding herself to the tits and bits of politics, administration and judiciary of Nepal. To mention about her other involvements, lately in 2014, she worked as an intern at Supreme Court of Nepal. At the Apex Court, her major responsibilities included facilitating the court employees in their day to day administrative work as well as facilitating the service seekers (mainly case parties) in fulfilling procedural formalities. Ms. Poudel has also been actively involved in issues relating to Human Rights. For her keen interest in UN Human Rights System, she was awarded TRIAL Fellowship in the year 2014. The fellowship exposed fellows to UN Human rights mechanism through special procedures mainly targeting Human Rights Protection against Extra Judicial Killings in Terai region of Nepal. Ms Poudel has also been closely involved with social platforms such as The Rotary International exhilarating the skills of leadership, professionalism and communal integrity.