Dhanej Thapa


DHANEJ THAPA completed his bachelor degree in Agriculture Science from Himalayan College of Agriculture Science and Technology (HICAST). Then, he worked as an Agricultural Officer at Center for Environmental Agricultural Policy Research, Extension and Development (CEAPRED) for three years. During his work, he was closely connected with marginal farmers of far-western region and realized the limitation of mainstream agriculture development project. He decided to take a degree which provides insights on socio-cultural and economic dimension of agrarian transformation of Nepal. Master in Human and Natural Resources Studies of Kathmandu University provided him substantial interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of structure and functioning of agrarian society and different micro-level hurdles and policy bottlenecks. Currently, he is an academic development practitioner by profession and provides consulting services to NGOs, IGNOs and Community based organizations/Cooperatives. His main area of interest is Climate Change, Food Security and Agrarian Transformation.