Asmod Karki


ASMOD KARKI is from Kathmandu, Nepal. He is a fourth year student at Princeton University and focuses in development within Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs. In the past he has carried out independent research projects in diverse areas such as education, migration, and environment with the aim to understand governance and poverty related issues. In 2013, he implemented a Davis Projects for Peace computer education and creative arts project in a rural village in Nepal. While he was interning in an online radio station in Malaysia in 2014, he also conducted an ethnographic research on the issues of Nepali migrant workers in the country. His long term plan is to help build a base for an equitable and sustainable high economic growth in Nepal. This is because he sees economic growth intricately linked to improving basic human living conditions. He also sees himself very much engaged in international development issues despite focusing in Nepal. Over short term he hopes to get some international exposure in the development sector.