Sushant Vaidik

"Do you want to work with government?” a friend of mine asked as we were watching the spring season bring new shades of green by the Thames River in a quiet afternoon.

"Do you mean Lok Sewa or Rajniti?” I immediately asked as those were the only two ways I could see one could associate to working with government.

"Neither. Some groups instead are working on a platform to collaborate with government in helping them with public policy formulation, and while doing so understand the governance structure for ourselves, the youth." He elaborated as the cool breeze calmed us down.

"That sounds like a fellowship kind of thing they have in the President's Office in US. Who is doing this? And, that in Nepal?" One could clearly read the doubts in my eyes as I wondered if such things even have a space in Nepali government.

"That's exactly the idea. Daayitwa has opened up few positions for summer fellowship. Why don't you apply?" He prompted.

For An Enterprising Nepal