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    REAP Tansen Outstanding 5
    Daayitwa Nepal Rural Entrepreneur Acceleration Programme enables the rural entrepreneurs to create business strategy plan and aims to accelerate the establishment and growth of rural enterprises in Nepal.
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    Public Policy Fellowship 2020
    Daayitwa Nepal Pubic Policy Fellowship is building a movement of young policy entrepreneurs who collaborate with the government and conduct evidence-based policy research to strengthen governance system for an enterprising Nepal.
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    REAP Tilottama Outstanding
    5 Entrepreneurs
    Daayitwa Nepal Rural Entrepreneur Acceleration Programme enables the rural entrepreneurs to create business strategy plan and aims to accelerate the establishment and growth of rural enterprises in Nepal.
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    Public Administration
    Fellowship- 2020
    Daayitwa Nepal Public Administration Fellowship aims to employ local youths of Province 2 and 5 in implementing youth-centric policies and initiatives of the provincial and local level government agencies.

For An Enterprising Nepal

Grassroots Government Glocal Growth Oriented Rural Youth and Women Entrepeneurs


DAAYITWA as NGO which works as grassroots, government and glocal levels to promote rural youth entrepreneurs and evidence-based policies for an enterprising Nepal

NEPAL LEADERSHIP ACADEMY as a non-profit company which grows leadership capabilities of change-agents that nurture enterprising mindset in Nepal.

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Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program

Leveraging community-based resources to support rural entrepreneurs to advance in value-chain

Civic Engagement Program

Conducting research and collaborating with government on policy reforms

Governance and Research

Growing leadership capability of enterprise stakeholders and nurturing an enterprising mindset


Our People

Our team comprises of glocally trained Nepali professionals with expertise in entrepreneurship, governance, and leadership.  The Board of Advisors comprises private, public and social sector leaders including senior bureaucrats (eg. former Chief Secretary, former National Planning Commission Vice-Chair), CEOs (eg. Mercantile) and Harvard professors Marshall Ganz and Ron Heifetz.

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Our Story

In November 2008, 55 young leaders came together to brainstorm critical challenges in Nepal and identify ways to collaborate at national and global levels.  They noted political instability, lack of opportunities and apathy for change as three pivotal issues and in addressing them launched a platform called Nepal Ko Yuwa (translated as ‘Nepal’s youth’ in English). For the next 3 years, NKY supported local and diasporic youth to share ideas and support each other in their Nepal-based community projects.  Major activities included national youth forums in the US and Nepal to cross-pollinate ideas and mobilize volunteers for community service.

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Our Work

Daayitwa executes three programs. The Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP) supports rural high-growth entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses, create jobs and incubate other local entrepreneurs. In linking the grassroots and government level engagements, the Yuwa Aaja! Program supports civic innovators to run social campaigns and nurture enterprising mindset in Nepal. The Daayitwa Abhiyaan also comprises two other entities, Nepal Leadership Academy and Governance Lab. 

Leveraging the grassroots enterprise learning, the Daayitwa Public Service Fellowship (DNPSF) Program supports policy entrepreneurs to collaborate with the government, conduct economic policy research, and promote evidence-based policy decisions. The fellowship program has supported 99 policy entrepreneurs from 28 countries to collaborate with 28 ministries and public agencies as well as 24 parliamentarians and conduct 99 research projects. With a key motive of “My Government, My Responsibility,” for the last five years, the Government of Nepal and Daayitwa have been partnering to identify and apply innovative methods of conducting research to find evidence for promoting entrepreneurship and strengthening governance. 

In order to strengthen policy implementation, government and youth need to reflect, recognize and respect their self and shared responsibilities. Daayitwa, through Yuwa Aaja! Campaign, has been bolstering trust and interdependence between the government and the youth to tackle domestic youth unemployment issues together.  As part of the DFID-funded Skills for Employment Programme (SEP), this project supports the technical assistance provided by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).  

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